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    Shenzhen Y.M.sino Connaught Technology Co., Ltd. in 1989 began to electronic energy meter research and development work, is the earliest in China's electronic energy meter meter and meter reading fee management system research, development, manufacturing and services of high One of the technology companies.

   In the trend of global energy interconnection, the company with the leading position in the traditional measurement industry, combined with Internet of things, large data, cloud services platform applications, the domestic leading local / remote technology, unique infrared communication technology, high-performance Carrier communication technology, bus meter reading technology for all types of users to provide personalized service, have launched a smart energy monitoring and customization programs, campus water and electricity intelligent control program, transmission and distribution lines customized solutions, campus and public institutions energy efficiency monitoring program, Electricity demand side of the management program and other customized products and extended products, in the industry continue to create a miracle.

Four sets of copy platform

Four sets of copy platform, through the proprietary control platform and third-party interface platform to achieve water, electricity, gas, warm and other call information release. (3G / 4G, banking, radio and television, etc.); use of radio and television proprietary network platform, to achieve channel sharing, the only terminal, to provide a complete Internet of things services.

全网最大的娱乐平台Analysis on the Development and Status of Global Smart Meter Industry

The development of energy meter can be divided into induction (mechanical) energy meter, ordinary electronic (multi-function) energy meter and intelligent electronic energy meter three stages. Before the last century, 60 years, the energy meter is basically the principle of electrical machinery.

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